Conference Theme 2023

“It’s all about skin.”

Heart 4 the Wounded's conference program offers a comprehensive exploration of skin health and care. The sessions cover various topics, equipping attendees with practical strategies for maintaining and improving their skin's health.

The "Intact Skin" session focuses on recognizing, protecting, and caring for healthy skin, including topics like inflammation, skin microbiomes, cosmetic procedures, allergies, and the relationship between skin and sex.

The "Broken Skin" session addresses challenges associated with skin injuries, such as open skin injuries, chronic wounds, cancer-related skin issues, surgical site infections, reconstructive surgery, and advanced wound healing technologies.

The "Skin Challenges" session focuses on rare skin disorders, spinal injuries, mobility issues, and scar management. Workshops on lymphedema and specialized skin care areas provide practical insights.

The program's "Special Features" include a talk on Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) by the charity Debra, a workshop on wound products, and the celebration of the achievements of the Eloquent student group in the field.

Heart 4 the Wounded's conference program ensures attendees gain valuable insights and knowledge to enhance their understanding of skin health and care, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach.

Conference Theme 2023


"Being the difference entails taking action and adopting a different approach to create an impact.

This year, we aim to honor the bravery of our champions battling Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) by providing support to our local EB organization, DEBRA SA.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a condition characterized by fragile and loose skin. Due to its delicate nature, the skin is susceptible to injuries, leading to the formation of painful blisters. These blisters can pose severe complications if they become infected, potentially resulting in fatality. EB is a hereditary condition that can affect anyone, typically manifesting its initial symptoms during infancy or toddlerhood.

We are fortunate to hear Toni Roberts' story as our South African DEBRA ambassador, at the Heart 4 the Wounded Conference this year sharing her personal journey and shedding light on the challenges faced by EB champions. Toni defied all odds when she was born with a rare skin disease and given a life expectancy of less than a year. Yet, she not only survived but also dedicates her life to supporting others undergoing similar experiences.

For further information on Epidermolysis Bullosa, please visit the DEBRA SA website at www.debra.org.za."



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21 July - Pre-Conference

Wound Bed Debridement Workshop

R1450/ person
  • Get Access to Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Chadwick & Liezl Naude RN
  • Practical Session with Key Experts
  • Earn 4 CPD points
  • Free Debridement & Suture Kit
  • Free Coffee, Tea & Snacks
22 July - Full-day Conference

Delegate Registration

R2000/ person
  • Get Acess to all Sessions
  • In-Conference Workshop Participation
  • Earn 7 CPD points
  • Free Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Lunch
  • Free Conference Goodie Bag
  • Access to Exhibitors
  • Includes donation to DEBRA
Charity Donation

DEBRA SA Donation

RXXX/ at own discression
  • Support DEBRA SA our local EB organization
  • Raising funds for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)
  • Be the difference
  • www.debra.org.za